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Love Somewhere

©2012 Paul E. Daniels

Sunday Project contribution for Laura B. Fernández, A trip through my eyes.

I was born and grew up in the city of Montreal, Quebec. I have now lived longer in my current city, yet, it’s still home to me and never truly feels that far away. I still get that intoxicating feeling when I enter the beautiful island of Montreal. Old and recent memories rush through my body as the excitement builds for new memories. I visit often as I have friends that I love residing there. These three Hipstamatic photos represent a visit two years ago where I renewed my love for the city after an extended absence and it’s where I started my photography art using my iPhone. I chose to post three to represent the different feelings when I look out the window to the city, taking a walk through the streets or enjoying the company of friends… Merci, Paul.

Thank you, Laura

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